Monday, December 28, 2015

Ole Red

My Daddy’s Old Truck

Many, many years ago when I was a little girl, and yes Debbie we had cars then…….my Daddy had an old 1953 GMC pickup truck.
Lots and lots of memories around this old truck.
1.        My Mother was a stay at home Mom, and was always faithful to have supper ready when Daddy got home from work.  He gave another man who lived close by a ride to work.  We would watch the highway, and wait for him to go by, and then go to the house and say….”Daddy’s coming”. 
2.       That old red truck had a set of white side boards.  Back in the “old” days you could ride in the back of the truck.  If the sideboards were on, we could even stand up and ride with the wind in our faces.  What fun.
3.       Sometimes when we weren’t going very far, we could ride on the tailgate and let our feet dangle.  Incredible fun.
4.        Riding along with my Pops to take the trash to the dump.  Phew….
5.       Loads and loads of lumber hauled to build a new house.
6.       Riding sometimes on the outside steps.  Of course not going far.  Sometimes we would lay down in the bed of the truck while we rode.
7.       Nobody thought anything of it when kids rode in the back.  Times do change.
8.       No air conditioning, but who cared.   Roll the windows down, and let the air blow you away.

9.       More memories I am sure – but that old truck is thought of with fondness and of course my Pops.  And as he reads this is is probably saying….”Don’t call me Pops”.

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