Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 in Review

Sold my little "mansion on the hill" and moved back to the northside.  The commute to work was horrible.

My "new" huge house.  Biggest house I have ever lived in.  Crazy...buying such a big house, but it sure is nice when all the kiddos are home.

Our annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  It is always such a fun day.  We usually go over to Berne, and visit the cheese shop and other little stores.  This time we stopped at a little town on the way, can't even remember the name, and ate at a restaurant that I think was called "The Juntion".  Oh my goodness.....the food was YUMMY!!!!

Debbie and I went for a few days to Tennessee.  I conquered my fear of riding in the SkiLift.  I don't think Debbie could hardly believe I did it.  I plan on doing it again.

Said goodbye to Petunia.  Didn't really want to, but she needed to find a new home.  She was replaced with a White Honda Accord, who I cannot find a name for.  Poor thing.......

Went to the IN State Fair with the family, and Rachel's boyfriend Ty.  It was super hot.  I ended up sitting most of the time watching the horses.  It was air conditioned, and that is more my speed.  Ha!

Learned a new hairstyle with Lila Rose hair clips.

Got to go to Yuletide for the first time.  What a delightful evening.
Lots of eventful happening in my life for 2015, including a job transfer to a new position where I work.  2015 wasn't a complete bed of roses, but I'm not going to dwell on that.  I am blessed.

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