Friday, February 12, 2016

Thinking Thoughtful Thoughts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  A bittersweet day.
No longer do I have a sweetheart to bring me flowers, or take me out to dinner.
No longer is there someone to walk down the sidewalk holding hands with.
No longer is there someone to hold me tight, and tell me it is going to be all right.
No longer is there someone to wink at me across the room, letting me know he loves me.
No longer is there someone to call when there are problems, and he comes racing home to take care of things.
No longer is there someone to help carry the burdens of home maintenance, car maintenance, and any other maintenance this "handyman challenged" person has.

And I could go on and on.....but life does go on.

If you still have your sweetheart, cherish every moment - even when you feel like "kicking them out the door".  Haha!  

I shared some thoughts on widowhood before, and here they are again.

  1. Don't forget.  Life goes back to normal for you after the shock wears off, but it never is the same for the grieving family.
  2. Send a card.  If you don't want to send a card, or even telephone, send an email, or a private message in Facebook.  You will be surprised how it will encourage the recipient.
  3. The Bible says to care for the widows and orphans.  Talk is cheap.  Put action behind your words.  
  4. If children are involved in the loss, take into consideration that they are missing the activities that they did with their Mommy or Daddy.  Take them fishing, hunting, shopping, sewing baking or whatever they are missing from the loss of their parent.  They will never forget your kindness.
  5. Ask if they need a leak fixed, or or a nail hammered or a heavy piece of furniture lifted, or maybe a flower garden tilled.  Don't wait on them to ask - it won't happen.
  6. Remember when someone died and how awful you felt.  Multiply that by one million and it will just be a drop in the bucket of how the surviving spouse feels.
The End......................

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  1. Thank you for posting about Valentine's Day. This is my first one since Don passed away. You are right on with the "No Longers". It's hard but life goes on. Thinking and praying for you.