Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Counting my Blessings

This time of year has been hard for 11 years.  When life with your sweetheart so abruptly ends sometimes it is hard to go on.  But life does go on, and there is no option of giving up.  So today please pardon me as I count some of my blessings to try and boost my spirits.

1.        My Savior.  He definitely has walked beside me.  After Mark first died he must have kept his hand on the wheel when I was driving.  I would find myself passing up roads, etc.
He has understood all my tears, and has had to decipher what they meant a lot of times because I had no words.

2.         My girls.  This Momma has been blessed with 3 of the most beautiful wonderful girls God ever sent to this world.  They have stood beside me even when I’m sure I have driven them nuts.

3.       My son in law Wesley has definitely helped me in many ways.

4.       My friend Mary who has listened to all my woes and tales.  Her emotional support has been nothing short of amazing.

5.       My church family at the time were wonderful.  Someone told me that they had never seen a church so supportive.

6.       My health.  God has brought me through some health scares, and I am confident he will still be with me in the future.

7.       A new job on the horizon.  For years I have drove mile after mile until I am absolutely sick of driving.  Next month, I start a new job just 5 minutes from home next month, and a wee bit more money.

8.       My grandbabies.  Oh my goodness!   They light up my life.  They never fail to bring a smile. 

9.       All my family.  So blessed to have my Daddy and Mother and sister. 

My home.

11.   Etc., etc., etc……………..

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