Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Good Ole Days

I love hanging clothes outside.  I would love to live where that was possible.  I remember my Momma hanging out clothes, and she still hangs out clothes on the line.

In my younger days, I also hung out clothes.  It was much more work than just tossing into the dryer, but there is just something unexplainable about hanging out the laundry.  I must admit I don’t much like the towels outside, because they come back in so stiff. 

Life was simpler back in those days.  People worked hard to make a living.  A lot of people would have a garden.  I remember the huge gardens we would have when I was a kid.  We would sit and break beans by the washtub. As a kid we didn’t appreciate all the hard work of breaking beans, but now….oh yum…canned green beans are better any day than beans from the grocery.   It was nothing for my Mom to can 100 quarts each of beans, tomatoes, tomato juice, and also put corn in the freezer.

During garden season our suppers were wonderful!!!  Fresh out of the garden.  Usually would have fried potatoes, tomatoes, corn, and whatever else had been planted.  My Pops would plant a couple of yellow hot pepper plants because he knew how much I liked them.

Oh!  The good ole days.

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  1. I do not like hanging clothes outside. They're stiff and scratchy.