Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Maybe they will belive Momma?

I don't function very good when I'm tired.  And now I have proof.

Debbie has bought her very first house.  It is a dollhouse.  The owners completely remodeled it, and all she had to do was move in.  So Thursday after work found me at her apartment to help load the truck.  Everyone worked hard including my 82 year old Dad.  He just doesn't stop.

So after getting the truck loaded and everything was done at the apartment we headed out for my place.  She was parking the moving truck in my driveway for the night.  I needed to move her vehicle to a friends driveway, so parked my car out on the out....shut the guessed it.  The keys were in the car.   I was so exhausted I could have bawled, but managed to be "an adult".  Roadside assistance came and unlocked the car in record time for which I was very thankful.
So I pulled into the driveway (I thought) parked went inside and called it a night.

Next morning I discovered that my car wasn't even all the way into the driveway.  Good thing I don't live on a busy street.  Never pulled that stunt before but now I have proof.....


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